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Host-pathogen interactions: the seduction of molecular cross-talk. Gut 2002;50;III3-III8 Mucosal macrophages in intestinal homeostasis and inflammation. J.Innate Immun 2011;3:550-64 The intestinal epithelial barrier: how to distinguish between the microbial flora … Leer »

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Diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders: what’s new and what to do Whitehead WE, Bharucha AE. Gastroenterology 2010 Apr; 38(4):1231-5, 1235.e1-4. Advances in diagnostic assessment of fecal incontinence and … Leer »

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Evaluation of gastrointestinal transit in clinical practice: position paper of the American and European Neurogastroenterology and Motility Societies Rao SS, Camilleri M, Hasler WL, Maurer AH, Parkman HP, Saad R, … Leer »

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